Théophile Alexandre

Théophile Alexandre, countertenor
French countertenor revealed by J-C. Malgoire, Théophile ALEXANDRE has performed for the past 15 years on prestigious stages (Paris Philharmony, New-York Lincoln Center, Venise Fenice, Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Operas of Versailles, Lille, Bordeaux, Bern, Ottawa…), shining in baroque music (Vivaldi, Bach, Haendel…), classical music (Gluck, Mozart, Haydn…) et contemporary creations(Lavandier, Escaich, Moultaka…). 

With a double degree in singing & dancing from the Lyon CNSM, he has collaborated with renownedconductors (W. Christie, G. Garrido, S. d’Hérin, P. Agnew, C. Grapperon, associate of L. Equilbey…) and choreographers (J-C. Gallotta, L. Scozzi, P. Bausch, Montalvo-Hervieu…),often mixing these two arts in his projects as a unique signature.

He has released two solo albums, ADN BAROQUE with the concertist Guillaume Vincent in 2018, stripping down baroque music in piano-voice, and NO(S) DAMES with the female string quartet Zaïde in 2022, reinventing divas’arias by reversing the roles, Both albums were bestsellers cumulating more than 8 millions of streams worldwide, and more than 80 dates on tour in France.